Hotel and room rentals for self­catering with a total of 124 beds.


Dardel's dining room with lounge and outdoor terrace.

Conference & Meeting

Five meeting rooms of various sizes with seating from 12 to 40 people.

Packages & Groups

Weekend and gpackages. Bus and group tours.

Wedding & Party

Big life events are to be celebrated. We, at Villa Thalassa, are happy to arrange your wedding or your birthday.


Memorial Services

The memorial service is an important part of the grieving process; to talk and remember.



Welcome to Villa Thalassa

"This must be, by far, Sweden's best location"

The beautiful Villa Thalassa is located along the land castle promenade overlooking the Sound and close to the famous Sofiero Palace, Pålsjö Castle, the beach and Pålsjö Kallbadhus. In Villa Thalassa’s direct vicinity is Pålsjö forest which offers jogging trails, tennis courts, soccer fields, a waffle restaurant and other leisure activities. Central Helsingborg can be reached by foot along the beautiful promenades along the sea or via public transport. Read more...

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